Estimation for costs of facility installation works

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Estimation for costs of facility installation works


Proper determination of items subject to quantity surveying. Reliable calculation of quantities for installation works. Application of a proper market unit price to a required quantity. Delivery of products for meeting demand.
This stable process supports our company in calculating fair costs for facility installation works.


Company specializing in mechanical and electrical quantity surveying

“Mechanical and Electrical Quantity Surveying” (or M&E Q.S. for short) constitutes our company’s name. As the name suggests, our company specializes in facility installation works in the architecture quantity surveying sector of the architecture and real estate industry, dealing with costs of mechanical and electrical facility installation works every day.

Origin – quantity surveying
Our company has cherished the service of quantity surveying as our fundamental business since the inauguration.
Quantity surveying is the origin of the cost estimation service as well as the origin of our company. No estimate without quantities for installation works. No decision-making on investment without estimates.
Reliable quantities for designing electrical and mechanical facility installation works will breathe explanatory power into estimates.
Sophisticated quantity surveying techniques, smart quantity surveying process
Quantity surveying techniques honed in a spiral manner through public works and redevelopment projects – our company provides smart solutions to multifarious difficulties lurking behind large-scale, very high-rise, or mixed-use buildings, or stringent administrative procedures. We comply with RIBC2 for government property projects and work itemization statements for subsidy application for property redevelopment projects, assisting clients with smoothly going through the respective proceedings.
Cost data, the source of trust
Cost data specific to facility installation works.
Once a work itemization statement has been completed, a large volume of data is newly added. The volume of data compiled for a variety of building uses is massive. A wide range of cost data cultivated from installation works of both electrical and mechanical facilities support the quality of the products of our quantity surveying services in a cross-sectional manner.


Our company’s services are useful for various quantity surveying needs, ranging from multitudinous phases of the building lifecycle, including construction projects of highest and best use of buildings, building asset management, and building remodeling, to dispute resolution in the process of consensus building.

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