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Cost advisory service

Over the years we have accumulated experience in quantity surveying for new/renewal construction at every stage and demolition work for buildings of various applications.

Construction Cost Estimation to Open the Door to Success
Construction Cost Estimation is an important factor in decision making on construction project investment. To support reliable investment decisions, we deliberately examine and estimate construction costs by work types appropriate for project design information based on cost datasets of similar properties, and offer an estimate prepared by thorough cost planning.
A Steady Step toward Agreement
Coordination of stakeholders with different interests is a key to smooth operations of a construction project, and it is essential to fill any gaps in perception among stakeholders in order to avoid conflict. To this end, our estimates prepared through appropriate construction cost analysis serve as a communication tool among stakeholders.


Our company’s services are useful for various quantity surveying needs, ranging from multitudinous phases of the building lifecycle, including construction projects of highest and best use of buildings, building asset management, and building remodeling, to dispute resolution in the process of consensus building.

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