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Get a grasp of our job

Here you can learn about the content of the quantity surveying services, our major services, and FAQs.

The job of mechanical/electrical quantity surveying

Practical quantity surveying – Until completion of a building –


“Quantity surveying” in construction projects is a job to provide cost information useful for judging value from an economic aspect. The item depicted on paper is not realized as a construction until economically reasonable judgment is made on a splendid design, a sound structure, and comfortable space. In the construction production process, quantity surveying has been used for investment judgment by real estate owners, and for consensus building among clients placing business orders, designers, and parties receiving the orders.


The purpose of use of buildings vary considerably depending on the lifestyle and life scene. Construction works include not only new establishment but also remodeling, and if any facility has been on the planned construction site, a construction project will start off with demolition. There will be as many economically reasonable judgments to be made and consensuses to be built as there will be scenes that we can depict, which will provide us with as many chances to flourish as the number of the aforementioned scenes. In the quantity surveying sector, it is SANTEC M&E Q.S. CORPORATION that has held up a unique exceptional position specializing in facility installation works.

Our major services


Calculation of facility quantities
We pigeonhole design conditions based on drawings and specifications, and calculate quantities of both mechanical and electrical facilities.


Preparation of work itemization statements
We calculate a total work cost by obtaining the unit price and work fees for each component of a facility and then multiplying the items by the quantity of the facility.


Analysis of cost factors and allocation
We identify major cost factors for both mechanical and electrical facilities and analyze the validity of cost allocation.