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Pride and confidence as a pioneer of mechanical and electrical quantity surveying

SANTEC M&E Q.S. CORPORATION is a quantity surveying company specializing in building facilities, composed of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing/sanitary services.While in the U.S. and Europe, professional workers in facility quantity surveying called Quantity Surveyors (QS) contribute to formation of fair facility costs and satisfaction of real estate owners. When I founded SANTEC, people following the Japanese business practice were not familiar with the specialized business of mechanical and electricity quantity surveying.Now, after a quarter of a century of inauguration, based on our vast business experience in property redevelopment projects and government property-related projects, we exert ourselves in serving clients with pride and confidence as a pioneer in the field.


Based on the extensive business experience and know-how cultivated for the past 25 years, SANTEC M&E Q.S. CORPORATION meets clients’ needs for quantity surveying for a variety of facility installation works through our abilities to serve clients with our reliable quantity surveying techniques.

Quarter century worth of business experience and extensive know-how
Our company has engaged exclusively in the business of comprehensively estimating costs of facility installation works. Marking the 25th anniversary of our company in 2017, materials that form the basis for assessing the validity of the quantity and unit price of facilities are now available in our company as quantity surveying assets. With experiences in the subsidy-related services for property redevelopment and quantity surveying services for government property, we smoothly deliver design budget documents in the standard form of itemized costs of construction (RIBC2).
Reliable quantity surveying techniques for costs of facility installation works
Our company provides work costs in a uniform manner for mechanical and electrical facilities. We promptly grasp the content of drawings and smoothly determine items subject to quantity surveying. Furthermore, combining our internally developed software with general-purpose estimation software, we prepare highly accurate estimates. Our company is poised to use itemization software designated by respective local governments (such as RIBC2 and Estima). We offer our quantity surveying techniques appropriately as requested by each client.
Outstanding capabilities to serve clients
Unlike general consumer goods, each building is one and only custom-made product differing from each other in the purpose of use, location, construction type, and facility grade. Furthermore, as their lifecycles are extremely long, the key to moving ahead smoothly with construction projects is to balance the interest of parties concerned in a fair and neutral manner. As part of the efforts to fulfill the accountability, clients in a broad range of fields have used the deliverables of our company’s quantity surveying services.